What does kin improvement mean?

In skin improvement, the focus lies on affecting the different layers of the skin, to treat skin problems such as rosacea, age spots, acne and hyperpigmentation or to bring the skin into optimal condition.

Active ingredients and techniques are used which have an effect on the deeper layers of the skin and stimulate and harmonize its natural processes.
This results in greater benefits than just superficial care we can address skin problems

Phyto-ceutical treatments:

Superior plant oils and Phyto-effective extracts are brought together to create the quality skin care products that nourish and restore your skin.
Skin-improving treatments with an experience from Africa itself. Earth’s colors, rough textures and rare scents all wrapped in nature’s life-creating goodness

Kalahari does not contains ingredients that irritate the skin such as parabens, sulfates, derivatives, isopropuleen Glycol, formaldehyde and mineral oils.
Also, the products are not tested on animals and the packaging is mostly reclycleable or reusable.

Baobab phyto-Vitamin c     
100% natural Vitamin C derived from the Baobab fruit. Boosts collagen and elastin repair. reduces lines & Firms. For a radiant, vital glow

Revitalising Vita-gel             
A combination of alpha hydroxy acids, peptides and moisture-binding ingredients.
For visibly younger, radiantly even skin tone

Phyto Enzyme Compound     
Deep cleansing exfoliating treatment with Pumpkin enzymes and Glycolic acid. Evens out, brightens & rejuvenates the skin

PCT -Phytic clay                  
Glycolic, mandelic and phytic acids, extracted from soybean extracts, target hyperpigmentation, impurities and invigorate the skin.

AHA+ (glasglow) skin treatment    
An effective BHA/AHA peel, possibly combined with the glasglow homecare kit to renew and rejuvenate the skin in 20 days. This treatment gives the skin a boost and stimulates cell rejuvenation. For a visibly refined and refreshed appearance

D-AGE skin treatment   
D-AGE is a medium chemical peel based on a combo of AHAs and BHAs. This high-performance treatment effectively exfoliates the skin and stimulates cell mitosis. Visibly refines skin texture and coarse pores. Reduces fine lines and evens out skin tone. For a visibly smoother, glowing skin

TCA skin treatment    
A medium-strength peel based on Trichloroacetic acid that rejuvenates the skin, reduces skin discoloration and fine lines, and evens out skin tone.
For visibly smooth and radiant skin with improved skin texture.

OPTIPHI – Perfected Skin Science

“Our purpose at optiphi is to understand the imbalances in the skin, in order to control them.”

Optiphi’s South African products, born out of various studies within the wound healing industry, focus on skin improvement at the cellular level. The line is developed based on experience of biochemical backgrounds. The understanding of the inner workings of the skin allows Optiphi to create unique and highly effective products with unparalleled results.

The name Optiphi contains two underlying principles ; Opti and PHI, which stand for Optimal Positive Homeostatic Influence.
It is the system by which the internal balance in the cell is maintained for a correct physiological process. By using these two main lines Optiphi focuses on improving the production of collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin in the skin, preventing oxidative damage and restoring the PH balance and barrier function. The right environmental factors ensure optimal cell function and will have a positive contribution in skin rejuvenation.

Indulgent facial treatment       
An indulgent facial, targeting and treating a multitude of skin concerns.  This customizable treatment is a luxurious sensorial experience delivering perceivable results

Hydrate & Repair
Targets signs of redness, irritation and blemishes by soothing, nourishing and balancing the skin.

Firming Peptides
Targets signs of skin aging and lifelessness by stimulating collagen & elastin synthesis and hydration.

Radiance Boost
Targets dull, tired skin by exfoliating, brightening and protecting against post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Glycolic peel                         
Glycolic acid based peeling. Targets hyperpigmentation and premature skin aging. Improves skin texture and tone.

30/30 peel                            
Glycolic acid, Vitamin C and liquorice root extract target inflammation, sun damage and hyperpigmentation. Promote skin repair, collagen synthesis and counteract inflammation.

Lipohydroxy acid peel          
New generation BHA acid 6x stronger than salicylic acid. Improves skin texture and evens out skin. For dramatically improved, clear smooth skin.

Multi-detox clay treatment
The high potency multi-clay mask with Kaolin and Bentonite, green tea and hyaluronic acid is formulated to promote cell renewal, detoxify and calm all skin types.

Age vita-renewal treatment
Based on a high concentration of Vitamin C and E, this treatment will restore youthful radiance and aid in reducing the visible signs of ageing.

Bio-hydra mask
A hydrating and moisture-locking treatment which will replenish thirsty skin, illuminate the complexion and combat dehydration.

AHA rejuvenate peel
Blending AHA’s with enzymes, this bio-active peel is designed to refine and rejuvenate the skin.

Lactic+ enzyme peel
The Lactic+ enzyme compound combines pure lactic powder with enzyme-rich and potent organic dehydrated fruit powders to deliver a powerful active boost to our existing AHA rejuvenate peel.

Radiate and renew
The bio-active AHA peel in this treatment will rejuvenate the skin while a gua sha massage will lift, tone and increase blood circulation, enhancing the treatment and providing detoxifying benefits.

Vitaliderma Natural Herb Peel

The unique organic peel based on a combination of phyto-plancton, herbs and perfluorocarbon, contains 98% natural herbs and activates your skin to renew, repair and heal itself.

The combination of natural ingredients based on special algae, unique herbs and perfluorocarbon, is considered the most advanced and effective treatment for the most common skin problems such as acne, blemished and oily skin, wrinkles/sagging skin, dry skin, pigmentation and age spots, rosacea and rosacea, scars and enlarged pores. Even suitable for the most sensitive skin.

It is possible throughout the year to undergo the peeling as a treatment. This can be applied as a single/regular treatment or as a course of treatment. Even in the summer months. However, it is important to avoid the sun for 10 days after the treatment.


  • Cleanses the skin
  • Stimulates cell renewal
  • Stimulates the fibroblasts
  • Decreases sebum production
  • Restores the microbiome
  • Stimulates the Langerhans cells
  • Evens out pigmentation spots
  • Normalizes skin thickness


  • Inhibit inflammatory responses
  • Reduce hyperkeratosis
  • Normalization of sebaceous gland functions
  • Restoration of damaged cells
  • Deep cleansing
  • Stimulation of regeneration processes
  • Smoothing of the skin


Acne treatments

Acne can arise for various reasons.
To ensure that we treat the problem in the right way, we determine the best approach based on a thorough consultation and skin analysis and together we draw up a treatment plan.

The focus of the treatment will be on thoroughly cleaning and keeping the skin clean. This can be done in different ways and depends on a number of factors, such as the severity of the acne, the sensitivity of the skin and medication use.

Part of the acne treatment is manual cleaning of the skin. The purpose of this deep cleansing is to reduce and prevent inflammation and scarring.

I will also advise on how to best support the treatment at home.

Acne deep cleansing
75 min  /  90 min

Diamond dermabrasion & deep cleansing 90 min

Natural Peeling & deep cleansing
75 min    


Diamond dermabrasion is a non-surgical deep skin peel. Using sterile diamond heads and a vacuum technique, the top skin cells are removed. At the same time, the blood circulation is stimulated. Stimulating the skin’s metabolism and activates the production of collagen and elastin. The treatment help reduce enlarged pores, pigmentation spots and fine lines. Depending on the objective, the dermabrasion treatment can be used as a single treatment or as a course of treatment.

Diamond-dermabrasion is a great treatment in all cases and makes the skin accessible for the infusion of products with active ingredients, because the skin can now absorb them better. This also makes the treatment extremely effective when combined with Ultrasound therapy.

Diamond dermabrasion is applicable to the following problems:

  • Improving blood flow in smoker’s skin;
  • Reduction of fine lines and enlarged pores;
  • Reduction of age spots;
  • Reduction of superficial acne scars;
  • Reduction of blackheads and whiteheads;
  • Improving the overall health of the skin.


With this painless method, active ingredients can be introduced deeper into the skin without any skin irritation. By means of high sound waves which are inaudible to the human ear, skin repair is stimulated and the absorption capacity of the skin is optimized. The sound waves generate vibrations in combination with heat, which activates the stimulation of the fibroblasts and the cell metabolism. The permeability of the skin is increased so that active ingredients can be better absorbed into the skin.

Improves circulation, promotes skin regeneration and has a draining effect.