My name is Myrthe and as a skin specialist I have been helping people on the path to healthy skin for over 15 years and it gives me joy to create your special self care moment.

I believe, in this demanding society, these moments are more important than ever. To recharge, reconnect, refind your balance. I aim to create a safe, warm space where body and mind come together. After all, our inner world reflects our outer world and vice versa.

As your skin coach, based on your goal and a thorough intake, I take a look at all aspects like lifestyle, nutrition, skin care, health, medication, hormones, emotions & stress.
Based on this I create your personal treatment plan and support you on this journey the best I can.

I combine my experience in beauty, skin improvement and wellness and blend this into one.

My goal is to bring and maintain your outer and inner well-being in optimal condition.