My name is Myrthe, skin specialist with a cozy salon at home where skin improvement and well-being go hand in hand.

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For over 15 years I have been working as a skin specialist, guiding people in solving skin problems and maintaining a healthy vital skin.

With passion, I continue to deepen and further educate myself in this field.

Besides my specialization in skin improvement, I have several years of experience in the spa and wellness industry. Here I learned to focus more on supporting the overall wellbeing through massage and body therapies.

From this, my holistic view arose and I try to combine the two branches of the profession into a whole where body and mind come together. Our outer health reflects our inner well-being and vice versa.

You can visit me for your everyday beauty treats, relaxation, skin improvement and body rituals all with attention to the personal need.

Every skin type and need is different so every treatment is specifically tailored to the skin condition and personal needs based on an analysis. My goal is to bring and keep the skin in optimal condition as well as to support the inner well-being.