Acne treatments

Acne can arise for various reasons.
To ensure that we treat the problem in the right way, we determine the best approach based on a thorough consultation and skin analysis and together we draw up a treatment plan.

The focus of the treatment will be on thoroughly cleaning and keeping the skin clean. This can be done in different ways and depends on a number of factors, such as the severity of the acne, the sensitivity of the skin and medication use.

Part of the acne treatment is manual cleaning of the skin. The purpose of this deep cleansing is to reduce and prevent inflammation and scarring.

I will also advise on how to best support the treatment at home.

Acne cleansing treatment
75 min  €75,00 /  90 min €85,00

Diamond dermabrasion& cleansing 90 min €95,00

Natural Peeling & cleansing
75 min    €89,00

Treatment reimbursement

Because I am affiliated with branch organization ANBOS, you can be eligible for reimbursement of the acne treatments with an additional insurance. This depends on your policy and the policy conditions. Ask your health care provider what rights to reimbursement you have and consult the policy conditions.

You are responsible for handling the invoices with your health insurer.