Eye care

Tired Eyes Therapy           
Relieves and refreshes tired and swollen eyes through a draining massage with cooling products. Relaxes and relieves the eye area   

Phyto Eye Vitamin C treatment       
Organic Vitamin C boosts and improves collagen and elastin repair. Firms and tightens the delicate skin around the eye area. For a radiant, vital glow

Eyebrow Shape / Styling
Brow tint
Lash tint 
Eyebrow & Eyelash tint 

 €18,00 / €25,00

Lashlift  – Lamination          €52,00
Lashlift & Tinting               €58,00

Hands & Feet treat

Our hands and feet are hard workers and tend to be often forgotten about. These Hand & Feet treats are the ideal way to give your hands and feet that pampering and care. For happy and healthy hands and feet.

Deluxe SPA manicure €65
Soak, filing, cuticle care, hand buff, mask, massage, polish

Deluxe SPA pedicure €72,00        
Soak, file, removal dead skin, cuticle care, feet buff, mask, massage, polish


Waxing is a temporary hair removal method in which the hair is removed with its root. After an average of three to eight weeks, the hairs do come back, but they are softer and thinner than before. Because the hair is removed by the root, you will not suffer from hardened or rapid hair growth.

Upperlip/ Chin

Bikini large



Lower legs
Full legs
Back & Shoulder  
Chest & Belly