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“Our purpose at optiphi is to understand the imbalances in the skin, in order to control them.”

Committed to True Skin Rejuvenation

Optiphi evolved from the expertise applied in the Bio-medical fields of wound care, dressing, ointments and temporary skin substitutes, is an Award Winning South African cosmeceutical with advanced delivery systems and high percentages of active ingredients. Focusing on skin improvement on a cellular level.

It is through this thorough understanding of the skin and its mechanisms, that Optiphi formulates and manufactures effective and results driven skincare.

Positive Homeostatic Influence;
Optiphi strives to create the correct environment for optimal cellular functioning. The right environmental factors ensure optimal cell function improving the production of collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin. Preventing oxidative damage, restoring the PH balance and barrier function resuls in physiologically healthier skin.

The name Optiphi speaks of their mission and contains two underlying principles; Opti and Phi.
‘Opti’ meaning optimal concentrations of active ingredients working in synergy to deliver the best results.
‘Phi’ meaning Positive Homeostatic Influence to manage the imbalances in the skin caused by internal and external stressors. Positive Homeostatic Influence (PHI) is also the symbol for the Golden Ratio.

‘Homeostatic’, in short, stands for the system that keeps the processes of a cell, tissue or organism in balance – for a smooth physiological process. Proper homeostasis ensures optimal cell function, which in turn contributes positively to skin rejuvenation.

As a brand they strive to expand their research and development efforts, set new trends in the anti-aging market and incorporate the latest technological advancements into their product formulations.

Optiphi is not tested on animals and no animal derivatives are used. No parabens or sodium laureth sulphate is used in their products and is packaged in the fully recyclable eco-friendlier packaging.

Optiphi Skin Care ranges;

Optiphi Active Range
The Optiphi Active Range is a focused range with niche products, which target specific skin concerns. The range is suitable for all skin types and can be easily incorporated into your current skincare routine.

Optiphi Classic Range
Created for the consumer who prefers a simplified skincare routine and is striving for healthy skin with positive homeostatic balance.
The range provides an effective solution for preventing the signs of aging.

Optiphi Body Curve Range:
An advanced range of body products formulated to address the signs of aging on the body, often neglected , such as loss of skin density and tone, wrinkles, pigmentation and sun damage.

Optiphi Elements Range
A range formulated specifically with young children and infants in mind. Ensuring to protect and maintain the optimal barrier function of the skin. Soothing, Nurturing and Nourishing Skincare for your littles ones fragile skin.

Optiphi Shave Range
Optiphi Men’s Range is skincare simplified. With just two products to effectively balance, soothe and restore the skins barrier. This range is aimed at the man on the move who wants a targeted skincare routine, with minimal effort.