’Reset and detox your skin from within’

Vitaliderma is a biological skin diet program, created through selecting medicinal botanical extracts from around the world, recovering the secrets of botany and the knowledge of the most innovative technological sciences.

The products, based on 98% natural ingredients, treat body and mind in a holistic concept of beauty and health care. Beauty begins with an emotion, more happiness translates into a more radiant, healthy and vital appearance.

The holistic program consists of a Natural herbal peel that activates the skin’s natural metabolism and a home care skin diet to provide a complete reset and skin detoxification.

The Natural products of Vitaliderma maintain and restore the skin’s natural balance, help activate its self-regulatory capacity, strengthening the skin’s natural functions. Treating skin problems such as acne, hyper pigmentation, rosacea, scars, fine lines & wrinkles and enlarged pores.

Vitaliderma is;

  • Respectful and committed to the environment, using eco-friendly packaging made from recycled raw materials.

  • 100% free of silicones, parabens, kerosenes, mineral oils, petroleum derivatives, aluminum, PEG, dyes, heavy metals, sulfates, chemical sunscreens and animal-free: not tested on animals.

  • Based on 98% natural active ingredients in their entire composition, with Ecocert / Cosmos certificates.

  • Socially engaged and working with Special Work Centers, non-profit organizations that work with people with intellectual disabilities and risk of social exclusion.

Vitaliderma Skin Diet Program

The Vitaliderma Skin Diet Program detoxifies and resets the skin from inside out in 3 steps;

With the Professional Organic Herbal Peeling, the oxygen within the skin is boosted. This increases the metabolism of the skin, detoxifies the skin, accelerates cellular turnover and improves the wound healing process.

Home Use Detox Swiss Cure. This detox drink is based on no less than 20 different plants and herbs. These get rid of the toxins released during the treatment, purify the body and give an energy boost from within. Bonus is that this product also drains moisture and stimulates fat burning.

A customized Home Skin Diet with products that continue to stimulate oxygenation, achieving maximum results. The program is customized to skin goals such as improving acne, rosacea, pigment and anti-aging.